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Tortuguero National Park

Destination Tortuguero National Park

1. Turtle Nesting


Tortuguero beach is the most important nesting site of the endangered green turtle in the Western Hemishpere. Giant leatherback, hawksbill, and loggerhead turtles also nest here. The park protects 22 miles of nesting beach from the mouth of the Tortuguero River south to Parisimina. The turtle season stretches from March to October.

2. Jungle Canals


Tortuguero and its network of natural waterways give you the opportunity to experience the true rainforest, of exploring dense and endless jungles, full of flora and fauna by boat. In case you would like to hike through the tropical rainforest, there is a 2 kilometer long trail called El Gavilan which is within the national park.

3. Nature lovers


One of the best ways to experience the natural treasures from Tortuguero is by kayak. Immerse yourself in the jungles and rich biodiversity of the park, explore beaches and turtle nesting grounds. 

Also, there's a great diversity of birds in this area. You will be able to spot many endangered species. You can spot green macaws, trogons, toucans, herons, humming birds and many more.